Most Wanted: March

I never fail to create a list of things ‘Im definitely going to buy when I get paid‘ list. Although, I never actually buy everything on the list as I don’t get paid a never ending amount. I still like to look at pretty things and have the argument of whether I need it/can afford it. The answer normally ends up being no/no.

Ah well…here’s the list of things I would spend my wage on this month:


You only really need 3 bedding sets. One on the bed, one in the wash, one spare. I seem to accumulate one every other month. At the moment, I’m loving these:

Matalan have some pretty amazing bedding sets at really great prices. I have only recently rediscovered Matalan and I just love it. This bedding set comes in a 2 pack (yay!) At £24 for a king size. That is an absolute bargain! That’s £12 a duvet cover which is fab. I love the two completely different designs as well. Bright and cheery for spring and following that geometric trend I’m seeing everywhere for homeware at the moment.

This is another bedding set from Matalan I am loving. I think it’s really fresh and reminds me of a sunny holiday. My walls in my room are an apple green (nicer than its sounds) and I think this would look great on the bed. Again, it’s great for spring and would also do into the summer months. As it has that summery vibe to it! This one is priced reasonably as well at £18 for a king size. 

Next, as you know, I love for homeware. And yep, there’s a duvet I love there too! Well actually, it’s a 2 pack as well. It has the whole safari colour scheme they have going on at the moment with their homeware. Normally, the black coloured one would be too dark for me but I love the other one in the pack so much that the black one is just a bonus. To be honest, the black one would look pretty nice in my room too and John would like it compared to some of the other choices I have shown him over the years.

Top: Matalan twopack, Bottom Left: Matalan Bottom Centre+Right Next twopack.

So that’s five, yes five bedding sets I have my eye on… comment below to tell me your faves! Help me choose I beg you.


I am one of those people who always tries to make time for reading but never does despite loving nothing more than to get lost in a book. It’s my kind of me time. One author that I have been meaning to explore is Jojo Moyes. I love the titles and covers of her books. I know I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but unfortunately I often do. I enjoy romantic novels, easy, happy reading which is the vibe I get from reading the blurb of the majority of her novels. Not sure which to try first from: 

  • Silver Bay 
  • The girl you left behind 
  • The last letter from your lover 

I think I will definitely purchase one of those and give it a go! I have to say, the cover of Silver Bay has me edging toward that one… 

The idea of reading a real book as opposed to something electronic makes me happy so I’m pretty excited about this purchase.


Adore this coat. Every time I go to the shopping centre I try it on. Putting the purchase off until I can justify it. I just love it every time though. It’s casual and also smart so I tell myself I can wear it anywhere…that makes it worth it, right? At £65 though it’s quite expensive. Maybe that’s pocket money to a lot of people but to me that’s a weeks food shopping and half my bus pass…  

So… That’s my most wanted for March. The list will probably grow. 

Comment below and help me choose!




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