Meet Cali&Archie

So, as I’ve mentioned a few times I have two amazing kitties. It’s true what they say about us Brits being obsessed with our pets because Cali and Archie are spoilt.

John and I had both wanted to get a cat for so long. Getting a landlord to agree to a pet is no easy task, especially if said species is known for claws and climbing. So we had to wait, wait and wait some more. When it came time to get our own place we hadn’t even moved in yet and already we had contacted someone regarding two kittens.

Before I go any further – if you are considering getting a pet please please make sure you can afford to keep up the cost of vet bills, insurance, food, toys and care when you go away. Yep, you think that list sounded long? That was the shortened version. It’s so important to enter into being a pet owner having thought about the future and what may happen if circumstances change or of something unexpected happens.

For example, the day we brought Cali and Archie home, We noticed something wasn’t quite right with Cali. She would topple over after eating because she had become so bloated. With it being a Sunday it meant a trip to the emergency vet. It turned out, Cali had a severe case of worms and not only that, she and her brother were crawling with fleas. Now those things don’t seem serious but due to the kitties ages and the fact Cali was underweight the right thing to do was get her treated immediately. Unexpected vet bill of over £300. That was day one.

3 Months after coming home.

Anyway, enough of the lecture. I want you to see how beautiful my babies are. I am a crazy cat lady and I am proud.

The picture to the left was probably taken about 3 months after bringing them home. Once they had been cleared of worms,fleas and gaining some weight. I have not managed to get them to sit still for a picture like this since.

I just love this first picture below. She is so cute here. The eyes especially just make me want to give her a big squeeze. I think what I love about Cali is that she is such a beautiful cat. Shes the type of cat you’d see in the street and say, ”Wow look at that cute cat”. Also, she is so so friendly. If you talk to her, she chirps back. She patiently waits for breakfast in the mornings unlike her brother who is yowling the second he hears the first alarm go off!!!


They both have such different personalities. Yet, they get on so well.

Celebrating my birthday

Archie was always the bigger of the two kitties. I remember he was a very protective big brother. About 2 days after bringing them home they both fell asleep. Cali fell asleep in my arms wrapped in a blanket as i had spent ages combing fleas from her. Archie fell asleep on the floor. He woke up and starting pacing around everywhere, mewing constantly and seemed very anxious. He then realised Cali was wrapped up with me and he calmed instantly, purring and sitting next to me and next to his sister. They are still very much like that. He still helps her clean her mane at the bits she cant reach.

The first day with Archie Boy

He likes to eat a lot! He doesn’t come as close as Cali does for a cuddle but he sure does purr and it sounds like a tractor is making its way past the house. One of my favourite things about Archie, aside from his purr, is the little white patch of fur on his nose. I refer to it as a wee egg timer. I have so many stories about the cats and my friends probably hate me because I am one of those people who flashes her phone at them to show what the cats have been up to.

Anyway, I realise this post was pretty random but I thought it might be a way to show some of my life and let you get to know me. Although as i write this, i realise it is  Saturday night and I am sitting in bed listening to the Lion King soundtrack writing about my cats…




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