I went interrailing a couple of years ago and I loved it. I have some tips to share so you can enjoy it as much as possible!

  1. Comfortable shoes are a must.

I cannot stress this point enough!!! The amount of walking involved in interrailing was unreal. I’m not the fittest person either so my poor legs were in complete shock! If I could go back and redo one thing it would be to invest in comfortable shoes. I made this mistake so you don’t have to!

      2. Download the Interrail App.

I found this app so handy especially to search for train times. It helped us to organise the where and when far easier! Bonus: Its free! And it’s available for Ios and Android. Download here.

Also, as a side note to that, downloading the TripAdvisor App is great for doing research on where you might want to go and what you might want to do. 

      3. Save money where you can.

For example, I booked my interrail pass for myself and my partner through Topcashback and earned myself £13.33 back. We also used Topcashback to book travel insurance, buy our rucksacks and order some currency. In total we earned around £27. Doesn’t sound like much but every penny counts and those were savings before we had even left the UK.

I’m sure there is far more I could add but I guess part of the adventure is realising these things on your own.

We visited Krakow-Vienna-Zagreb-Paris-Bruges-Amsterdam within the space of two and a bit weeks staying in each place 2/3 nights. This was plenty time for us considering our budget but we would love to do it again and go to new places.

The trains are actually very comfortable so long as you get a seat. The app i mentioned earlier let’s you know which ones to reserve on so you don’t miss out. But most of them you don’t have to. Night trains can be very handy for saving as much time aside for exploring as possible. They are also not too bad and can be pretty comfy too.

View from a train

We didn’t stay long in Poland because we didn’t take as many Zloty as we should have… but we made enough time to visit Auschwitz. I do recommend going here if you have a keen interest in the history behind WW2.


Vienna Zoo is a must! It’s large in size with the greatest array of wildlife. It’s one of the oldest Zoos in the world. I just loved it. 

We also went to the Opera…when in Rome…or Vienna in this case. It wasn’t for me to be honest. If you do choose to go and you’re looking to save money then get standing tickets on the night. They were only  €2 each!


I loved Zagreb. We visited the Museum of Broken Relationships and I just found it so inspiring. I’m also a bit of a nosey bugger so it was completely my kind of thing! Definately recommend.

The Zagreb Eye is a cool place to go too and isn’t expensive.

Local market in Zagreb

One place in Zagreb I would highly recommend for food is Pizzeria Lira. I’m a bit anxious when it comes to trying new places for food but the pizza here was amazing, service great and price reasonable. 


Paris is somewhere I have always wanted to go and when I saw the Eiffel Tower all lit up at night I actually cried. It was so so beautiful and it was right in front of me! We didn’t manage to go up it as it was pretty busy and I get impatient easily but I dont regret not going up it. For me, seeing it was enough.

We also visited Disneyland.. which was SUPER EXPENSIVE. For some silly reason we bought our park tickets at the Entrance and it was €100 pp . for one of the parks. We should have bought in advance so there’s another top tip! However, I still enjoyed it and the park itself is so pretty and you walk into a whole other world of creation once you get through the security! Prepare to spend money there though, there’s gift shops on every corner.

Was a bit of a rainy windy day

P.s The Louvre is beautiful but takes a whole day. The Mona Lisa is really all I wanted to see and it wasn’t worth it for me. 


From Paris we moved onto Bruges and this was by far my favourite little place. I would love to go back around Christmas time because I imagine it would be incredible with lights and markets everywhere. 

There were so many lovely shops which sold little nik-naks. Had I saved some room in my rucksack I’d have bought a few bits. However, We could barely fit anything else into our bags. 

Chocolate heaven

I recommend an evening stroll along the river. This was so relaxing and one of the highlights of our trip I’d say! 

Infact we spent a lot of our time in Bruges just wandering around. There wasn’t a massive amount to do aside from take in the beauty of the surroundings. It was like a fairy tale town.


Last but not least was Amsterdam. We were due to fly out of Amsterdam back to Scotland so spent our last few days here. Beautiful city but very very busy! 

I love taking photos and the lakes were so stunning. It was definitely a photographer’s dream. Again, there are little shops all over in Amsterdam to pick up unusual things for your home or as a gift for someone. There was also so so much to do!

We visited the Sex Museum- an eye opener! We also visited the Torture Museum. 

We didn’t manage to visit Anne Frank’s house. Again, the queue was crazy and if I were to go again, i’d definately book in advance because it’s supposed to be well worth it. 

Overall, my favourite places were Bruges and Paris. Each of them had their own charms and moments which for me, made the trip so special. 

Id definitely recommend Interalling to anyone who wants to see as many places as possible but is short on time and money. You can squeeze more in than you think in 2 weeks! 




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