GenNude bareMinerals:

Firstly, I need to point out I am no expert when it comes to make up and I certainly don’t have Kendall Jenner canvas. However, I do spend money fairly regularly on cosmetics, mainly when that little voice in my head screams out “Treat yourself!” And I get ever so frustrated when the product doesn’t live up to its hype and I think eurgh…coulda got a dominos with that money instead…So I decided to share my views on bareMinerals New launch of their Gen Nude lip products.

So after seeing Zoella’s video  where she opened her PO Box and she was gifted with the entire collection I just had to have at least one of the matt lip creams. 

I chose the shade ‘Swag’ and so far I love it!! Firstly, it smells amazing. It reminds me of some sort of buttercream icing. There’s nothing worse than a lip product that smells awful. Secondly, the applicator is like a rectangle as opposed to the normal pointy wand which I prefer.. I don’t know why but I liked that as it covered my lips more evenly. 

The product itself has great colour pay off and lasts a fair amount of time. You don’t need to apply a lot throughout the day. 

Having never tried bareMinerals before I am definitely looking forward to not only trying out more shades within the Gen Nude collection but their products in general will have a space on my shelf from now on! 




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